"THE SKY-REACHING HAMMOCK", 2000, Poznan, Poland.
Project for kinetic outdoor sculpture. Proposed total dimensions: 2400 x 7200 x 7200 cm. Steel, aircraft cable, propellers with reduction gears. Model in 1:8 scale.
Propellers are pointed to various directions in relation to the wind. By the system of gears they lift or lower down the particular sides of the form that hangs freely among free poles, so form rotates very slowly around the axis and also moves up and down, left and right within the limited area among the poles. The form is designed for only one spectator who can get inside and experience slow changes of its position against the horizon while the form is suspended among the poles. Actually, direction of constant movement of the form is unpredictable because depends of the wind. Slow motion of the form with a spectator inside is more like a dynamic levitation with the only purpose to give oneself Up to Space and to stop oneself in the Middle of Time.
(To be maintained in The Center for Contemporary Polish Sculpture in Oronsko, Poland in 2002. Project got

Time is the greatest hole.
A meditation of nature in the broad meaning of the word, meditation of the space, body, mind, or cosmos as the whole is the purpose of those two projects. I have forgotten about time but not accidentally, becouse the meditation is taming and even temporarily neutralizing the time. What does this mean to neutralize the time ? Is an ascertainment that nothing is having any special meaning ? Or, that everything is gaining unexpectedly on it's meaning ? (We are speaking of course about the comprehesive grasping of the Sens, possesing a very large emotional character.)
The axis of the project is a person standing in the face of experience of time and space as a certain elementary fact of life. The word "form" may be misleading, becouse not form is important here but participation in the process which are the passage of time, the experience of surrounding space, the energy of the wind, the sun and the like, namely the qualities, that from the begining, were the part of art.
The individually experienced dimension of the time and space has becoming the "form" while the artifact itself is limited to possible minimum in order not to disturb the Nature.
Hanging 10 metres above the ground and changing slowly its position to the horizon and also to the surface of the earth, thanks to accidental blowing of the wind, being schorched by the sun, sprinkled by the rain, being more or less of nature's mercy than standing firmly on the earth or sitting in the car, it's maybe more easy to give prejudices up in relation to our place and surrounding world.
The real space is the most authentic theatre, embracing all our senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste; and all of us "in the middle" of it, creating a temporary, peculiar centre. Energy and space, wind and space, sun and space, etc; and "nothing more", no need for any particular idea, like revealed truth or even idea of individual freedom, except this one of space-energy and us as the unity, may be everything that is indispensable to live. The whole historical and artistic ballast is unnecessary. The form, event - in - space constitutes the axis or the focal point. As a kinetic form, depending of Nature's processes, let it move the way nobody could anticipate. This way it will take the whole space around.
We have here the artistic situation where among the other things clouds are creating the Time. Clouds travelling from nowhere to nowhere, could be an adequate material for the form through which we surpass the common concept of time. Lets the common concept of time be changed into another one which will help us discover the space anew. Let the Time be created by chance.Space and Time as a values in itself, ( paramount ?!), particularly today, when we do not know the limits of time and outer space. Let's try to use the open space as a lens through which we look at culture.
Let's use that what is ready to use, ie. nature, it's constancy, to certain degree fortuity and consequence. It's equilibrium can be a base for obtention the human equilibrium (Taoist Philosophy Of Nature), it's slow, no dramatic changes, only exceptionally taking place events more impetuous, like tornadoes, earthquakes etc. Thus the equilibrium of nature, which we are part of, doesn't cause, that we ourselves, can feel like being inner ballanced, already?
Let's imagine an artistic project like "The Cloud Room" or "Sky-reaching Hammock", realized not only in an not unurbanized location, but where no "conventional human time" applies, as upon the desert. An artistic idea which can be worth of notice today, that may possible to avoid the artistic connoisseurship is tending to evoke the idea of "naked", unarmed man in extensions, in technics, but also in art ?!
Be stopped " in the middle" of Time and be devoted to Space, thus to the Immemorial Chance Of Life.
Looking at the upgrowing possibilities of living organisms, for example bean and creation of the mind. Inside the CLOUD ROOM we can plant bean or another immune plant. This way the form gains seasonal passenger. (Bean inside the CLOUD ROOM - there are living organisms in art). Why bean inside the CLOUD ROOM? There are some analogies. This is making of the biological evolution - which we are placing inside of production of the mind belonging to cultural - civilized evolution. The mind without nourishment such a bean, will not possessed any power for creativity. Both organisms are exposed to the same conditions, seeds of bean planted into special receptacles are something of the kind of capsules, possessing their own naturally by evolution developed mission, which in this form came into being on the earth. Similarly the CLOUD ROOM is also a capsule that we were really and symbolically sent into the space, also with the help of collective imagination. There goes about symbolical. It's a question of symbolical accentuation of links between creative power of nature and human mind. (The mobility of these both elements, the rounded seed of bean and having form of a cuboid the CLOUD ROOM. Well, bean looks like much better creature). I think that particularly these works of art, that have been devoted for the open space should be able to act as living organisms and the powers of nature should propel them, both literally and metaphorically. One shouldn't mix energy - something existing outside should profit from all possible attributes of the open space. (And furthermore, bean inside the CLOUD ROOM is it not a little surrealistic agglomeration?) Is something more excellent from the creatures of nature? But these formations were evolving billions of years, it is simply unimaginable horizon of time. This time it is like eternity for us. What we get through such a eternity ?
Is it not wonderful that world is such a surprise, such an undiscovered rebus ? (These organisms that are not be able to improve - are disappearing. But from the other side is it not strange, that we not knowing everything right now, about the structure and nature of the world, as it were at once? This inventive part of artistic intuition is alike a creation of new facts on scientific meaning.

Adam Kalinowski,

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