"The Grave" was made in Slovakia during XV SOCHA a OBJEKT Sculpture Festival in Bratyslava and PIESCANY in 2010.
The Grave;
900x400x180 cm; OSB board, grass; project has a feature of a living organism - grass need to be watering and cut regularly.

Realization in Slovakia is a development of the project I made in I-PARK, USA in 2009. While work in I-PARK was a bit rough project in Slovakia is more elegant. Important factor is bigger scale and real grass that is implemented. That last element makes sculpture like living organism alike. Grass must be watered and trim from time to time. Significant that hollow in the ground shaped as a body laying on the right side doesn't need watering too much but elements that complement the hollow above the level of a ground needs water quite often otherwise whole project may become a real symbol of desolation and death. Hollow in the ground is like real body put to grave - becomes one with soil and landscape. This is an example of truly living sculpture that requires care and interest. This kind of living sculpture may produce some social ritual and sense of empathy to symbolic object that has a feature of living organism. Unity of elements of the sculpture with meadow by factor of grass is very important aspect underlying concept of symbiosis of cultural and natural features of life and death.